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Education Programs Under Way:

K-12 curriculum has been developed! We have created materials that teachers will be able to utilize in the classroom and during site visits. The preserve is a 86 acre living labratory where students can have a unique hands on experience. If you would like to hear more or schedule a visit for your students please feel free to contact us.

Undergraduate / Graduate Research:

We strongly support research at the preserve. If you or your student is interested in a research project, we would love to have you use the preserve. Research stipends are available when funding permits. Feel free to fill out an application!

Check out Derek Faust's Research that was recently published!

An Opportunity To Educate:

The future Jenna Welch Nature Study Center will be the cornerstone of a tremendous opportunity to educate the students and citizens of Midland. The preserve offers a rich environment for field-based study and natural laboratory exercises for students of all ages.

Position Statement on K-12 Science Education:

The Jenna Welch Nature Study Center will develop curricula based in scientific investigation which uses the playa environment as an integrating context to awaken scientific curiosity and develop scientists for the 21 century.

Partnering with MISD:

The Jenna Welch Nature Study Center and MISD, through their science district coordinator, have formed a partnership to develop and implement K-12 science education.

Higher Education:

Living Laboratory - Tomas Hernandez's Herpetology Class from Midland College taught with Dr. Platt from Sul Ross University, regularly visits the I-20 Wildlife Preserve to collect and identify various herptafauna.

To all educators:

If you would like for your class to visit the Preserve, email to set up a time. We encourage science classes, art students, and anyone who wants to learn about or just enjoy nature. PLEASE NOTE: Any organization or group (scouts, student groups, homeschool groups, volunteer organizations, etc) must contact and work with the I-20 Wildlife Preserve. It is important that we have a staff member or volunteer at the preserve during your trip. Additionally, knowing the types of groups, number of people, and number of hours spent at the preserve help us maintain the wildlife preserve and raise funds to support our programs. Thank you for your cooperation.

Self Guided Field Trip Experience: We have created an opportunity to enhance your experience of the preserve on your own! Download our Self Guided Field Trip Experience to use with your family and friends at the I-20 Wildlife Preserve. References are included to direct you towards additional educational materials.

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